Affiliate Terms & Conditions


By requesting to join the Chouchou Intimates Brand Ambassador Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the following Terms & Conditions:


  • Brand Ambassador must be located in Australia or New Zealand.
  • Brand Ambassador must be 18 years or older to participate.
  • Brand Ambassador must be personally experienced with Chouchou Intimates products as a customer or recipient.
  • Brand Ambassador must have at least 1,000 followers on their active public Instagram account with the majority of their audience being women, aged 18 to 35 years old. 
  • Brand Ambassador must be comfortable with sharing photos wearing all Chouchou Intimates products, including intimate apparel. 
  • Brand Ambassador agrees to follow our Instagram account: @chouchouintimates
  • Chouchou Intimates reserves the right to repost and repurpose content created by the Brand Ambassador for its social media accounts, website, blog and other marketing materials.
  • Brand Ambassador must be in compliance with all the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.
  • Chouchou Intimates reserves the right to decline applications if it feels the potential Brand Ambassador is not a good fit or there are no more places available in the program.
  • Chouchou Intimates reserves the right to change all terms and conditions and to withdraw this offer without prior notice. Should there be any disputes, Chouchou Intimates decision is final.
  • Influencers belonging to any category (nano, micro, mid or macro) may apply for the Ambassador Program. Chouchou Intimates will review the audience and engagement metrics of your social media presence to determine eligibility.

Ambassador Levels & Requirements

Once we approve your application you will be granted Chouchou Girl: Level 1, 2 or 3 status (based on following size), allowing you to enjoy a range of exclusive benefits as a Chouchou Intimates Ambassador. 



* Receive $70 worth of free product.

* Unique 10% off discount code for your followers. 

* 5% commission when your followers shop using your discount code.

* Pay-outs via store credit.

* Exclusive 15% off all future personal orders.



* Receive $140 worth of free product ($70 twice yearly). 

* Unique 10% off discount code for followers. 

* 10% commission when your followers shop using your discount code.

* Pay-outs via PayPal or store credit.

* Exclusive 15% off all future personal orders. 


In exchange, the Brand Ambassadors is required to help us spread the word in the following ways:

1 x static Instagram post per month OR 1 x Tik Tok/Reel video per month.

1 x Instagram story (minimum) per month.

Chouchou Intimates products must be worn and/or visible. 

@chouchouintimates must be tagged in the content and included in the caption. 

The hashtags #chouchougirl #chouchouintimates must also be included.

If you fail to meet the requirements for two consecutive months, your relationship as Brand Ambassador for Chouchou Intimates will be ended.

Commission on Referral Sales 

All Brand Ambassadors receive a unique discount code which can be redeemed by your followers. When your followers use your discount code, they will receive a discount of 10% off their entire order.

For all successful referral sales, you will receive a commission of 5% to 10% of the sale (depending on your Ambassador Level). 

Conversion Action: Online purchase with processed payment.

Commission type: Percentage of Sale

Cookie Days: 30 days

Payout Period: Monthly

Commission rate:

LEVEL 1 = 5% commission paid via store credit. 

LEVEL 2 = 10% commission paid via PayPal or Store Credit.

A valid PayPal account is required for Level 2 and 3 ambassadors, and payouts will be processed monthly. 

For Level 1 Ambassadors, sales commission can be paid out via store credit once the minimum redeemable amount of $30 is reached.